6. [FF] Let’s Get Physical

Enjoying Your Blended Family
Enjoying Your Blended Family
6. [FF] Let’s Get Physical

It’s so easy getting caught up in day-to-day tasks, that spending time with our family can be the first things to go.

This can be sad for us and our family, because the more we hang-out together the closer we can become. Blended families can use all the help in this area as possible, so we can start growing closer together instead of falling apart.

This episode talks on finding a physical activity that you can do together with your family. One you can do with your spouse or with your kids, or both. We found for me and my wife that we both enjoy playing tennis together (who would have thought that one).

If you can utilize the time you already have, and fill it with a fun activity with each other, then it’s a win-win. To top it off, it’s good for our mental health as well. If you or your kids struggle with anxiety, this can help add to some help and relief, while building your relationships together.

Talk about some ideas this weekend with your family. Get created and have fun enjoying spending time with each other. Till next week!


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