60. [FF] Look At This Photograph

Enjoying Your Blended Family
Enjoying Your Blended Family
60. [FF] Look At This Photograph

“Look at this photograph, everytime I do it makes me laugh” (any Nickelback fans?)

Ok, this isn’t about a song, but it is about the concept. 

We take so many pictures with the ease of our phones, but how often do we go back and reflect on those photos?

This is such a fun time to create an evening with your family and reflect back on your photos and home videos.

It’s fun to show your kids old photos and videos of you when you were young, and also share with them their baby pictures and videos.

Take it back to your last year, and reflect on all the fun things you were able to do as a family. It’s so easy to forget the fun you have had with each other until you go back and remember together.

Add this to your collections of date ideas to have with your family. Relive your created memories and laugh over them again. 


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