72. [FF] Tea Party – Mother’s Day Style

Enjoying Your Blended Family
Enjoying Your Blended Family
72. [FF] Tea Party - Mother’s Day Style

Would you like a spot of tea?


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This is a great idea for anyone looking to show the ladies in your life that you love them, and also a great idea to pitch to the men in your life that you’d enjoy doing.


Some small nice delicious sandwiches, some chips, different teas and drinks, and don’t forget the desserts! It ends up being a great time for the ladies to get together and socialize. 


We also have the men covered on how easy it is to make this happen. 


There can be many different ways and ideas to make a tea party really fun. So, join us as we share the kinds of memories you could make by having a simple tea party.



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