This Is Us (Not the TV Show, LOL)

Enjoying Your Blended Family
Enjoying Your Blended Family
This Is Us (Not the TV Show, LOL)

Welcome, Randall and Scarlett here. This is us (not the TV show, lol), and this is also about you and your family.

On MONDAYS, we are here to talk on hot topics that can really bring a Blended Family down, so as blended families, we can avoid or lessen the issues. God placed it on our hearts to start sharing the things we learned over a fifteen year journey in our blended family. In some episodes, we will also hear from our kids (now young adults) as they share what they were going through at the time, to maybe help you in your present.

We also have FUN FRIDAYS where we share ideas on how to have fun connecting and dating your blended family. God showed us a while back that life is about the journey, not just the destination. Many blessings to you and your family, and we are so glad you are allowing us to join you on your journey!

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