113. Being Present As A Step-Parent

Enjoying Your Blended Family
Enjoying Your Blended Family
113. Being Present As A Step-Parent

How do we still stay present with our stepkids when we’re being rejected by them?


The step-parent and stepkid relationship isn’t always an easy relationship, there can be a lot of outside influences and a lot of hurt feelings on both sides. But as a step-parent there are certain things we can do to help make growing that relationship easier.


We share four things we can do as step-parents that show our stepkids we are in this relationship for the long game. When we equip ourselves with these strategies, we will always see better results.



HOW TO ENJOY YOUR BLENDED FAMILY: 5 Dates To Discover Fun In Your Step-Family, by the end of these 5 dates you will have a great plan and see more fun in your home, helping build stronger family connections and relationships, all while having more laughs and enjoyment as you make lasting memories together.


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